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34 Responses to Get Involved

  1. Carol Hall says:

    This is just a point of view because I couldn’t get along to the meeting. I think Liskeard needs to improve the centre of the town as there is very little to draw shoppers there now, apart from the Post Office and library… Anyone arriving now sees the boarded up shop next to Webbs, which looks particularly awful.. It’s a prime site and I think should be used by a shop that normally gets a lot of trade (Boots or Superdrug would be better placed there). As a stopgap this eyesore could be improved by some creative artwork. Another thing that would encourage people to linger would be a cafe by the war memorial/bus stop. There is plenty of space to have tables outside and the position is ideal for people to have a cuppa and chat if they have a little while to wait for the bus. It would make for a better atmosphere and encourage people to linger and be sociable. . I realise this could only happen if a lease became available. The idea of a pannier market where the Post Office sorting depot is, mentioned a little while back, I think sounds very good, particularly if this gave more comfortable access to Fore Street. Liskeard can’t help it’s topography but the gradients in Pike Street and Bay Tree Hill can be hard work and aren’t conducive to looking in shop windows, particularly with narrow pavements and vehicles using these roads. .
    Good luck with your efforts..

    • loveliskeard says:

      Thanks for your suggestions and comments Carol. Unfortunately we have no magic wand to please those who have asked if we can make Liskeard flat!

      There is definitely some mileage around a plan to tackle empty shops as you have been joined by many who would like to consider options for ‘meanwhile use’ that are more attractive than boarded up windows.

      On the cafe suggestion, there are some regulations about the number of cafes that can operate within the town centre and several existing businesses that would welcome our custom. But your thoughts about more imaginative and appealing uses for our outside space have been echoed frequently.

      Please keep checking back to see how ideas progress. Sally

    • loveliskeard says:

      Thank you so much for your message. I’ve just read it and found myself furiously nodding! Other people have mentioned about making Liskeard a more pleasant and welcoming place, and you’re right, the boarded up shop looks horrible. We would like to look at having a long-term solution to empty shops (and it’s worth remembering we don’t have many), so that every time one is empty we can put artwork or posters up and make the whole thing look much more pleasant. I’ll forward your comments to the rest of the team as well. We really appreciate you taking the time to come up with solutions and get in touch. Allison

  2. I think the term “Social Enterprise” comes to mind as one route for reopening some premises. Here are the first few paragraphs from the Wikipedia entry:
    “A social enterprise is an organization that applies business strategies to achieving philanthropic goals. Social enterprises can be structured as a for-profit or non-profit.
    Many commercial enterprises would consider themselves to have social objectives, but commitment to these objectives is fundamentally motivated by the perception that such commitment will ultimately make the enterprise more financially valuable. Social enterprises differ in that, inversely, they do not aim to offer any benefit to their investors, except where they believe that doing so will ultimately further their capacity to realize their goals.
    Many entrepreneurs, whilst running a profit focused enterprise that they own, will make charitable gestures through the enterprise, expecting to make a loss in the process. However unless the social aim is the primary purpose of the company this is not considered to be social enterprise. The term is more specific, meaning ‘doing charity by doing trade’, rather than ‘doing charity while doing trade’. Another example is an uncorporation, which may pursue social responsibility goals that conflict with traditional corporate shareholder primacy, or may donate most of its profits to charity.”
    Just a thought, as *anybody* or *any group* can start such an enterprise with a good idea, some nous, honesty, and persistence.

  3. loveliskeard says:

    Hi, thanks for the comment. We’re all big fans of social enterprises, in fact one of our team has spent over a year working on one for another project, but that’s not the route we’re going here, certainly in the short term, as they take time and money we don’t have. However, we have a meeting tonight, and I’ll make sure that this suggestion is included and discussed with a view to the longer-term. Thanks again! Allison

  4. Kate Burkhalter says:

    In my opinion, the town needs a good tidy-up. There is far too much litter and dog poo, which is unpleasant for visitors and a shame for a town with immense potential. I also agree with the lady above who suggests better use of outside space, that old supermarket site by the post office would be ideal for a cafe, with tables outside and could transform the Parade. It’s also in a really visible place for people passing through by car or bus. Also how about making Liskeard the next carrier-bag-free town (like Modbury) – good for the environment and the resulting press coverage/publicity can only be good (including nicely designed reusable Liskeard jute bags being used around the country by holidaymakers?). We have great shops, such as Beddoes, Ough’s, Cornish produce shop and Pengellys, and it could be a fantastic place to shop, with all the independent stores, which is what many people want in response to the Tesco-isation of the UK.

    • loveliskeard says:

      Thanks Kate, fantastic ideas, and personally I love the idea of being the next plastic carrier bag-free town in the country! And I agree, we genuinely have some fantastic shops. Will pass your email on to the rest of the team. Thanks again, Allison

  5. Nicette says:

    Would just like to echo the use of the old co-op as a cafe. This would be such a good spot for it with the bus stops and post office being close by and would give the place a bit of much needed life. This is of course just my opinion, but there isn’t what I’d call one good cafe in Liskeard – one serving proper home made & interesting food using good quality ingredients, loose leaf teas, home made cakes etc. Since the Loft closed we have felt bereft. If we want to go out for lunch, we end up going to Lostwithiel or Fowey or somewhere else, but not Liskeard.

    I’d also say that since we lost Ough’s to a butchers, we haven’t had a good deli in Liskeard and this was a great loss.

    The biggest issue for the town is the Bubble. Liskeard is empty, but the car parks there are all full. We need to bring people back to the town centre somehow.

    And how about turning the old Gateways into a cinema, perfect with the car park right there.

    Having said all of that, I’m know everyone is already aware of these issues and good on you for trying to address some of them in some way. Good Luck.

    • loveliskeard says:

      Hi Nicette, thanks for writing. I’m sorry you’re disappointed in the local cafes, but feedback like that is after all, how businesses get better. People have made some of the suggestions you have, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be made again! It’s important to gauge the level of support so we really work on the ideas people want. Some fall outside our remit, but others we’re pushing forward. I can tell you we’re passionate about what happens to Liskeard and are working hard to make positive changes for everyone… Allison

    • Carol says:

      Nicette’s suggestion of a cinema in the old Gateway Store site seems a very good idea. Combined with Wetherspoon’s intended bar at the top of Bay Tree Hill, it would make it worthwhile going into town in the evening for a meal and a movie.

      • loveliskeard says:

        And I think it’s really important we promote a night time economy: it gives residents thing to do, traders another potential source of income, and towns generally feel more welcoming and safer, when people are out and about doing things! Thanks for commenting 🙂

  6. Tsering cole says:

    I hope the council are as proactive as you are with good positive attitudes that would be a good thing ,every body needs to pull together ,I really hope you get all the support you need if I still lived there I would love to help.

    • loveliskeard says:

      Really kind, thank you. In some ways the mad deadlines have worked in our favour, it’s energised people and has forced us to get on with it. The pace will slacken post-application but the Town Team and the people pulling together for this lovely old town, will stay!

  7. Cas says:

    Let me know if you need a hand with promoting the town – Just done some work for Penryn Independent Traders –

    • loveliskeard says:

      Thank you. We’ll keep your details for later. At the moment, we’re hearing from so many people that it is hard work finding time to get back to everyone. Or walk the dog, eat, sleep..!

  8. Cas says:

    Glad to hear that you’ve got some momentum! Fingers-crossed project moves smoothly for you : )

  9. Toby says:

    Hi, Great to see our home town getting some desperately needed attention! My suggestion would be to focus on the fact that Liskeard is a Market Town, that’s its USP. Markets have taken off all over the country, the Stroud Farmers Market, near where we live now, being a fantastic example, with many other examples closer to home. There’s loads of small retailers (food, green-grocers, butchers, deli’s, cafes, florists, etc.). in Liskeard and SE Cornwall that would benefit from bringing their business to a centrally located market once a week (giving them access to more customers and importantly bringing people into town and creating a buzz). It would also provide a start-up opportunity for new retailers with much lower overheads than opening a shop. The infrastructure is already there, so enabling costs would be minimal. – Something I’d love to see one day!

    • loveliskeard says:

      Fantastic suggestion Toby and an evening market was part of our application. The one thing everyone can agree with is the fantastic produce and products available in south east Cornwall! Watch this space for further developments… Allison

  10. Chris says:

    hi, Liskeard needs LOADS doing with and to, sadly after a person in planning when it was caradon NOT the now One Stop Shop at Luxstowe, decided to kill the centre of Liskeard, and its now almost dead, allowing an out of town supermarket called Safeway, now Morrisons. The Parade has no colour, nothing to make you want to go, unless your a book worm, who needs the post office, with food and drink on hand, ie chippies and pubs! What a testament to centre of Liskeard! Liskeard citizens, the Town council, LoveLiskeard (?) whoever they are, as when was announced Liskeard had won, who was on, yes you guessed it, Sheryl Murray the local MP, what had she done to help, anything? Why not the Mayor, a town councillor?

    I went to Wadebridge other day, if you spend xx.xxp in Co op you get free parking, why not do in Liskeard, as sadly its now essential to make ever buggar pay, another way to kill the town and hand ALL to out of town shopping!

  11. suzanne oakley says:


    Hi to all on the commitee, congratulations and a massive well done on winning- its just what Liskeard needs.

    I have heard that to get any ideas across there is a meeting this Friday- i have been living in Bristol for the past 4 years but all of my family and friends are still there, so i still have close ties to home.
    ..i have been trying to think of ideas (some good, some also very bad) i dont know if any are worth considering but they are thoughts non the less..

    What the town needs is sustainable business, business to keep people coming, to keep them interested, so that once the money runs out the people dont follow the exit signs also..

    * there are no fashionable/ affordable clothes shops for younger people- a franchise like new look or h&m would be fabulous and would not be treading on other local business toes..young men as well as women are interested in fashion too!!
    * If the commitee dont have time to see the project through maybe get 6th form students involved from the Business course..maybe it will stir something in them that creates the new Sir Philip Green?!!

    *Information on funding- like the Princes Trust might help small co-ops to open!
    *Think of the old multi layered buildings on Fore Street and all of their potential for many different business’ inside! On one level a small clothing shop full of vintage accessories, dapper gents wear like white shirts, brill cream, hats suits and nhs style glasses..on the next unique sprayed skateboard decks, the next kitchen acessories (which could turn into one of the shops like Fowey eventualy..?) A sewing machine pool, hot desks to run small business..
    *A community shop- run by local people, selling not only local things but everyday basics. A not for profit business that pays the staff wages but any profit made goes back into the community- and the community get to submit ideas as to where they would like to see it go eg: an open air cinema experience bought to Westbourne Park for a weekend..

    * The council could designate a currently unfilled shop as a ‘pop up shop’-very fashionable in Bristol- a dissused space is hired to an artist as gallery space/ designer etc..they could maybe up cycle old items of clothing/ furniture etc .. they attract new artists to put on shows in the area, bring visitors to the town as they are forever changing. Not just art, but clothing, be it a thoughtful vintage collection, furniture, retro bicycles, lamps…anything that causes one heart to flutter will bring others in to look- and who knows, Liskeard could discover the new Damien Hirst..

    *There are a lot of creative folk in the area. Young people especially. There has been a project running here for the last 2 years called ‘see no evil’ (link provided) in no way am i suggesting you ship in street artists from across the pond to come and turn Liskeard into an urban jungle but why not tap into youth culture and designate a graff wall? A place where people can come and legaly create/ develop their talents? The streets that have been painted here have brought in tourists thusly bringing business for restaurants, shops and cafes etc..
    *Graff battles are huge business. Nights dedicated to teams of artists ‘battling’ it out, local dj’s keep the event interesting, seats laid out around the stage/area for spectators..

    *What i see in Liskeard is a lot of angry, lost and resentful youth. There is nothing to do and no way to get out. People need to be inspired to get up and use their energy creatively and physicaly.
    *A climbing/ bouldering wall- i know a lot of people who have fallen in love with the sport for its feeling of achievement be it their first climb, progression to harder routes or climbing outdoors. Special day rates or even to open it from 3pm onwards..schools could have discounted sessions, it would attract people from a different catchment area- where is the closest wall? Torpoint? Maybe a small members cafe, creche for climbers with children.. There are lots of climbers in the area as is..
    *Likeard and the area has always been musical. Where can people go to listen to music that isnt A. hideous karoke B. in a pub (namely The Barley or Cornish Ivy?) What town needs is a venue where people of all ages can showcase their talent- maybe only one night a week (again a perfect use for a now-empty-but-could-be pop up shop!) We have so much talent there, from old rockers who play the most amazing guitar, singers, rappers, loads of bands formed in bedrooms..
    *Speakers could come and host a talk Q&A sessions. I recently went to a talk about how David Attenbroughs Frozen Planet was filmed..something that captures the imagination, something that shows people the world outside of Liskeard and what they see on a daily basis..but also something that makes them happy to be there..

    *Hugh Fernley Whittingstall has a community project localy to me. Here they raise their own pigs (later to slaughter) and veg on an allotment. Something could be done similar in Liskeard. The produce could be sold in an eco cafe (anyone remember the Rainbow Cafe years ago-not that they used meat??) Very fashionable now! A small cafe restaurant with cosy reclaimed tables, fresh food..

    *Also importantly Liskeard needs to educate. Awareness of whats available (not benifits), access to online courses, self awareness and responsibilities, encouragement to aim higher and to achieve things that people didnt think were even possible, like learning online- the Open University start at a very low level working from the very bottom up to degree level- all things that are possible with a child. There are a lot of disalusioned people in town that feel hopeless and that they have no place in society, basic information and encouragement costs nothing but could potentialy help change a few lives for the better. This needs to be done somewhere new looking, not in an area thats seen as ‘old’ and ‘sad’..

    Right, i think you may have had enough of me by now so here is where i shall leave it!

    I would love to know what you think, what happens at the meeting etc etc i would genuinley loved to have been there.

    Good luck and hopefully when i’m next down changes will be underway..

    Suzanne Oakley

  12. Nell Smirthwaite says:

    I’ve been inspired by Sue! I also grew up in Liskeard and now live in North Devon, but my family still live there and I come home often. Winning this competition is fantastic, huge congrats to the team.

    Liskeard is actually a really attractive town! All you have to do is look up – the buildings are beautiful, but it’s so easy not to notice! There are loads of nooks and crannies, old holy wells, new conservation areas etc. We are commuting distance from Plymouth and Bodmin, 5 minutes’ drive from the moor and right next to the sea – it should be an AWESOME place to live!!!

    The key to this project is definitely sustainability, as well as local ownership and a way for locals to both get involved, and benefit. It should leave a legacy that people in the town can own.

    There are a few ideas already bounding about which I think are great, like a café for homeworkers, and a business start up hub. So many people work from home these days, and having a place where people can network, have lunch together, and feel less isolated would be brilliant. It would need to attract young people though, by having things like fast Broadband, good coffee (very important!!) and a couple of innovative little things going on like a recipe corner (great way to meet people and share ideas, and could link with other ideas around a community allotment, market, store selling local goods etc). A business start up hub could be based in the same building as the homeworkers café (I’m thinking Liskerret or Webbs). It wouldn’t have to be open every day, 3 days a week would be fine, but if it was set up as a social enterprise by somebody with good business acumen and a flare for innovative ideas it could turn into a great place for young professionals to go.

    If Liskeard is going to set up a ‘town’ website, it should look at branding itself to young families, young professionals who are attracted by sun, sea, surf, walking and cycling, and have the flexibility in their jobs to move away from the city and work from home (they are often high earners). Setting up and designing the website would be a great opportunity for a young local graphic designer wanting to make a name for him/herself.

    It would be brilliant to attract one or two large fashion shops like M&S, Topshop, New Look, H&M etc. Far from putting local businesses out of business, they would do the opposite and bring people in. At the moment, there is very little for younger people. If I want to go shopping, I go to Plymouth, and I’m sure I’m not alone!

    I love the idea of setting up a project like the city farm in Bristol. Hugh Fernley Whittingstall is an inspirational guy with a huge fan base; we could invite him to come down and to try to get a similar project going then set it up as a co-op – linking to a market, local shops, restaurants etc. With Liskeard being filmed it will be free press coverage for him, and any projects that are started up could supply the new River Cottage restaurant in Plymouth with locally sourced and grown produce. I know it’s across the border, but….

    I think involving business studies students is a brilliant idea, and why stop there…there will be arts students, music students, history students…..everyone will have some ideas. I wondered about setting up a £10,000 prize to award to a young person (aged 18-25yrs?) with the best business idea that will be sustainable and leave a legacy. I have bid writing and assessor experience, and would love to get involved in setting something like that up.
    Local markets in the early evening that support and supply local businesses would really attract people to Liskeard, from the town and further afield. It might be a good idea to invite bigger players to begin with like the German market that goes to Plymouth, a lot of local trade has built up around that market, but you need something in the first place to pull people in. Pimms in the summer time mulled wine in the winter – who can resist that!

    With Mary Portas on board we should use her celebrity pull to the max…..Tim Smit and Hugh Fernley Whittingstall are two that come to mind. I think Tim Smit was involved in the regeneration program in St Austell, I know that’s closer to home for him but he has lots of very innovative ideas and a lot of credibility, he might be interested in getting involved.

    Also love the idea of pop up shops, music practice rooms, somewhere to perform and go other than the Barley (nothing at all against the Barley). Need to make it easy and attractive for businesses to come to the area, and for young people to want to stay and start up businesses in the area. Things like flexible business rates, free parking etc would help with this.

    And lastly, don’t just arrange a meeting in the town hall… have a picnic! There was a great atmosphere in Westbourne gardens when the Olympic torch came through town, and there’s a bit of a party vibe in the air this summer with the Olympics and Jubilee. If you really want to get everyone in Liskeard involved, which I think is a must, do it in a way that gets people together and talking. If the Hugh FW and Tim Smit ideas took off, we could have 3 celebrities potentially facilitating a day of inspiring people and getting people talking. I know I’m thinking a bit big, but why not? They can only say no….

    Anyway – just a few thoughts (one I started I couldn’t stop!) Very best of luck with it all – can’t wait to see how things progress.

    Nell Smirthwaite

    • loveliskeard says:

      Can see people near & far are brimming with enthusiasm and ideas! Hope that those who are up for taking some of these forward come along on Friday night or get in touch soon after to join in. How the ideas in the bid get developed depends on all of us pulling together to make it happen. And where there’s any difference of opinion, reaching a consensus. We can do it Liskeard! See you Friday..

  13. Fantastic ideas Sue and Nell… Something exciting for Liskeard – to stir the passions across the generations. Love it… Guess Sally is looking for support now… Anyone going put their hands up?

    • Nell Smirthwaite says:

      I would love to be involved, but I can’t attend tonight’s meeting unfortunately. I would be happy to help put together a competition for the best business idea if that was popular, and assist with assessing applications. I would also be interested in inputting some ideas for the hub, and approaching HFW and TS again if those ideas were popular. I’ll keep an eye on the blog and get in touch after the meeting – who is the best person to contact?

      • loveliskeard says:

        After the meeting we will be posting here & getting out in town some forms about how to get involved. Checking the blog is a great way to keep up to date! Hopefully some people will expressing an interest tonight in the work hub theme and we’ll make sure you are put in touch.

  14. suzanne oakley says:

    Sorry would have really enjoyed coming back for the meeting but i just cant make it. I hope there are some great ideas tonight which inspire people to help out out. (i have been spreading the word- i’m suprised at how many Liskeard residents have not heard!!) Good luck to everyone!

  15. Just found this blog. Exciting stuff. We are moving to a village v close to Liskeard in a month or two. Liskeard will be our nearest town and I can’t wait to be a part of what’s going on. We are relocating since we are both professionals who don’t need to be near a city for work but travel a lot so need trains/planes/fast roads within reach. We’d love to see an increase in interesting, independent shops in Liskeard where we can eat local produce, buy quality products and clothes, drink local wine…we would much rather spend our money in good independent local shops than faceless, large, corporate giants. Who knows, perhaps we’ll be in a position to open an organic cafe or a specialist shop of some kind in the town ourselves one day.

  16. Roger.H says:

    Dear Town Team Folk…..
    It has been encouraging to see the interest and energy undoubtedly triggered by the ‘Portas Initiative’, however, the success of such endeavour(s) is not so much about ‘doing things right’, but by DOING THE RIGHT THINGS.
    Points to consider…
    a. Discourage shop keepers and their staff from smoking in their entrance ways and
    immediate areas – dreadful !!
    b. The possibility of a ‘cherry picker’ (for a nominal fee £10/20 each maybe) clearing town
    centre premises guttering of general roof debris. It used to be done annually as I recall.
    c. How about an ‘In Town Detention Centre’ for that most nasty, aggressive
    minority of drink/substance sodden elements who pervade our Town with impunity.
    Perhaps in could be called ‘COMPOUNDland’ (lighthearted jibe, but hey !!).

    The Image, Direction and Reputation of Liskeard will benefit hugely from the welcome perceived, with that inevitable desire to arrive earlier and stay later. Anti-social behaviour will always undermine the best layed plans. All it takes is for good people to do nothing – is that us ??
    Bravo !!

    Bye for now – Nursey says I need to lie down…….

  17. Ray Roberts says:

    I think some of the £,100,000 could be used to brighten up the town by emloying someone, NOT council workers, to clean all the streets and pavements of weeds. Also some money could be used to fence off the deserted Eurospar store to stop people, especially youngsters, from walking through the pigeon droppings wich contain any amount of viruses that could prove fatal to a young child. If anyone is in doubt look up feral pigeons on the net. RR..

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  19. loveliskeard says:

    Thank you. We will be trying our best to keep it up to date:-)

  20. Aly Archer says:

    With all due respect, if the regulations are limiting the number of cafe’s/ restaurants in town. Why not change the regulations, nothing in insurmountable and Liskeard is a dying town, but one with so much potential if people weren’t so narrow minded. And agree with comments about the apparent lack of contribution from the local councillor. Does she even live in Liskeard? I doubt it!!!!!
    A lot of talk, but absolutely no action.

    • loveliskeard says:

      Yep, regulations can be looked at. Of course nothing is insurmountable. Don’t agree that Liskeard is dying though! Lowest vacancy rate of all the Portas Pilots.

      All positive suggestions are looked at and help always welcome to make things happen.

      Not sure who you are aiming at with comment about local councillor?! Many of the comments here are from a while ago. Current Chair of Town Team is now a Cornwall Councillor and there’s been quite a bit of change in the Town Council since election too…

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