Measure & Learn

This is the bid theme connected to building up a picture of Liskeard’s strengths & weaknesses. It is perhaps not the most glamorous of the strands but thankfully some people did sign up for looking at the data available and mapping out what we can learn about our town.

The experts are saying its a vital part of how we work out where we’re heading and for showing we are getting there!

What it said in the bid:

Conduct quality benchmarking and project evaluation with emphasis on community participation. We would hold a festival summit at the end of the pilot to share our learning.



• Footfall and foot flow counts: These analyse how different parts of the town centre are used at different times of day and days of the week. Via the Town Team, Liskeard is enrolled in the Association of Market Towns (AMT) benchmarking programme to enable comparison of town centre usage with other market towns. This will help understand where to target activity.
• Data collection: The Town Team has collected data and participant feedback from events, which has helped evaluate their success and see how they can be improved.

Future plans

• Data collection: To be completed for AMT benchmarking.
• Festival summit: To be held autumn 2013.


• Footfall counting: This has led to useful learning, for example, from the footfall counting the results have shown that markets and other events on Barras Street do not by themselves increase footfall on Fore Street. Related activities are needed that draw people to those areas.
• Feedback: Feedback from those attending an evening market resulted in the Town Team changing the refreshments offered at the next market. The data gathered is also helping to understand the different needs and behaviour of different potential participants.
• Volunteer sustainability: A programme of regular data collection demands a lot of volunteer time and we need to set clear priorities to ensure that it is sustainable.

Click here for a look at the lighthearted way this group do serious stuff.


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