Events & Markets

What it says in the bid:

‘Develop an evening market that includes a road to market for local produce. A high street
evening fair will create spin off in additional trade for food and beverage outlets.
Devise a rolling programme of seasonal and themed late afternoon/evening events
focused on families and young people facilitated by quality event management.’


A series of bi-monthly evening markets have been organised in Liskeard town centre; each has a different theme and attracts around 300 people. Entertainment has added
atmosphere to the evening.


• Vintage Christmas Market: Volunteers dressed as wartime tea ladies, providing tea and cakes
• Bling, Rings and Things Valentine Market: A cocktail bar was set up offering a unique Liskeard cocktail
• 3 Bags Full Wool Market: Knitted jumper bunting and a ‘baa’ featuring cider and pasties. Free children’s activities.


• The markets have drawn people into the town centre on Friday evenings, in line with late night shopping put on by businesses.
• They have been popular with locals, those from surrounding areas and visitors; bringing new people to the town and starting to raise the profile of Liskeard as an interesting place to shop
• The production of what’s on/shopping guides has benefited traders and eateries in the town, who have reported knock-on sales. Stall-holder feedback has been very positive.
• The first events were entirely organised by volunteers; larger events are being put on during July to September and as such event management contracts have been awarded to external agencies for delivery jointly with Town Team volunteers.
• Workshops linked to the Wool Market were delivered over a two week period in the town centre. These were well attended and self-sustaining financially.

Secret Fridays

May Masquerade Poster

The Town Team has also supported a series of ‘Secret Fridays’ events being run in Liskeard by Rogue Theatre. These are part of a Real Ideas Organisation (RIO) programme, funded by the Arts Council, to tie in with the Portas Pilot.

Their aim is to give young people not in education or employment the chance to organise an evening event for local people. The first event, the Fortuitous Jollification, was aimed at families and received rave reviews. Event two, May Masquerade, was held in May focusing on celebrating replacing those winter blues with dancing shoes.

Vital Spark

Town Team events funding also supported the now well established Vital Spark Arts Festival in March and helped to draw in an Arts Council grant their street production: Squalor.


Future plans:

Events are being held throughout the summer including:
• The Carnival Café – an evening pop-up restaurant featuring a range of local food providers. Its purpose is to encourage people visiting during Liskeard Carnival week in July to stay in the town and enjoy a meal.
The Town Team is working alongside the local Lions, who’re organising the Carnival, adding extra supporting elements, such as a workshop encouraging more people to take part in the Floral Dance.
• Comedy and authors event: Showcasing local authors and comedians on July 19 and 20 – here for more information.
• Liskeard Loves Food: A food and drink themed event with music being held mid August. An evening bar, barbeque, cheese and wine and afternoon hog roast will put on across various locations in the town.
• Liskeard Live: A two day event bringing together a mixture of literary, music, comedy and more on September 6 and 7


1) Guides: Following the first evening market the Town Team is now putting together What’s On/Shopping guides to maximise the promotion of the town centre shops and events, alongside the markets. This now includes initiatives such as suggesting where to shop for Valentines gifts in Liskeard
2) Funding: To ensure the long-term sustainability of the guides, advertising will be introduced to ensure they are self-supporting. The guides are currently produced by volunteers.
3) Food and drink events: There was hope for tie-ins between evening events and food and beverage outlets, but this has only occurred to a limited extent. This is one reason behind the decision to focus directly on food for summer events.
4) Volunteers: Volunteers have brought huge energy and enthusiasm to the events. Each event takes approximately two months to organise and a great deal of volunteer time and commitment. This limits the capacity to organise multiple events and as such is a key reason for commissioning paid event management.


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