Thank you and good cheer!


2013 has seen a surfeit of reports about the High Street and there’s no doubt times are testing for many; retailers and residents alike.

But despite this a goodly number of people and organisations in Liskeard continue to believe that the town has a future and are prepared to put in hours and hours to ensure things happen here & demonstrate they love where they live & work.

Name checking everyone would be dangerous, so I’m not going to attempt it! At every step there’s people who do a huge number of tasks behind the scenes; whether that’s checking cables for Christmas lights going up, making & distributing brochures advertising the town’s offer, washing up at events, playing music or ploughing through the paperwork needed to make a thing happen – the list is endless!

The ‘Team’ in Town Team was clearly in evidence last night again. Thank you to all who played a part and especially to some small but strong kitchen helpers and those late at night after clearing up, who processed the feedback forms & visitor counts or collected in banners.

546 counted through the door, the majority having visited the town beforehand and all of whom said they’d be back to visit again in the future.

Check your Christmas brochure for the things coming up before the end of the year, there really is something for everyone!

Dickensian delights next weekend, the Lions Christmas bingo, the Mayor’s Carol Concert..and Liskeard’s very own radio station will take you right up to Christmas day!

Peace & good tidings to all for Christmas 2013.


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1 Response to Thank you and good cheer!

  1. Jenny Jones says:

    Jo and team certainly pulled off a very successful event. The feedback is tremendous. Well done everyone and particularly Jo for being the kingpin of it all.

    But with probably the last Town Team Christmas coming up, a great big thank you also has to go to Sally and Rachel who’ve kept the whole show on the road right from the very beginning. Don’t know where you get the energy from the pair of you, but I’m continually getting feedback that Liskeard is a happening place these days and that the town is now perceived in a much more positive light by visitors. We’re also all starting to work together more effectively to make things happen and to recognise the need to keep our town a busy, vibrant and community-minded place. What a grand legacy from which to continue to move forwards to make this town what we know it can be.

    Thank you for your inspiration and for your sheer hard work, day in day out. And have a very happy Christmas.

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