Identity Liskeard

What was in the bid?

‘Launch a community consultation on ‘Brand Liskeard’ to achieve a fresh and future looking
shared identity, followed by a strong promotion of the town incorporating its Portas Pilot

Create a mobile enabled and interactive shared town website and associated training for its management. This will be a town business portal that connects traders to new customers from further afield and to their existing customers more directly by highlighting offers and competitions.’


• Questionnaires: Have been sent to traders and other businesses in the town to ascertain what they would like from a town website and existing website provision. The questionnaires are also being used to gain the views of local people about Liskeard.
• What’s on/shopping guides: Produced to promote the town
• Marketing and PR agency: Piece of Cake Consultancy has been appointed to promote and communicate the Town Team’s activities and impact over the next nine months. The agency has been tasked with raising the profile of the town centre as a retail destination and business hub in east Cornwall. The agency will also provide PR and marketing training for the Town Team and traders to help them make the most of business opportunities. An identity project will also be undertaken during the year.
• Photography project: An experienced creative photographer, living locally in Liskeard, has been commissioned to create eye-catching narrative portraits of 35 local traders in their retail setting that will also reflect their personalities. These will be displayed online and in print to project a lively image of Liskeard as a place with friendly and people full of character people behind the counter. A new website has been secured to get the images accessible online, with the potential to evolve into the new Town Team website. The participating traders will also be able to use the images on their own websites.


Future plans:

• Website: A fully-fledged town website will be developed by the end of the year.
• Identity: An identity project will also be undertaken during the year, with the support of Piece of Cake.


• Branding: The Town Team does not wish to create and impose a single brand for the town. Such a top-down approach runs the risk of alienating many people and hence be unsustainable. Instead the Town Team will engage creatively with local people across age groups to explore the richly layered identity of Liskeard and its inhabitants. This process will highlight Liskeard’s independent shops, cafés, architecture and traditions. It will also unlock the town’s creative potential – for example, its history and present status as a centre for the wool industry was publicly celebrated in April, with events including workshops and a special evening market in woollen crafted goods.
• Website: The website group was initially organised separately from the group looking at Liskeard’s identity. The Town Team now realises that the website should reflect, communicate and be a forum for debate about Liskeard’s identity as it crystallises – and evolves – over the coming months. Consequently, the two groups are working together.

The Identity group partnered with Stuart House for the Big Draw. Lots of enjoyment was had drawing inside and outside to celebrate our town. Mary Portas picked up a pencil to join in too!


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