Do say hello

The Town Team have been running the bid projects since the first Executive Board meeting in September 2012. Some have worked better than others and some have offered more learning for the future. With the Pilot aiming to complete by the end of March, there’s lots of lessons to pull together for this town and beyond.

The Town Team would like to invite anyone with a little time to spare and heaps of enthusiasm, to join in the final projects:

A Pop Up from the Empty Shop group, testing meanwhile use in Liskeard.

The second Christmas vintage market and associated Christmas shopping promotion.

Marketing the town’s offer, building on the successful first phase of photo project.

Website to connect shops & shoppers.

Business seminars.

Collating the pilot learning.

Establishing a parking refund scheme.

If you would like to know more about any of the above, please email or come and chat to one of the team on Thursday 7th November in Stuart House cafe, 1-3pm or 5-7pm

Look forward to meeting you!

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