Enchanting Windows

Think fairies, pixies, enchanted forests, fairytales, hidden treasure and mystical creatures.

Whilst we have the knowledgable Mary Portas in town we thought it would be great to have a window display completion in homage to her early days as a window dresser.

We have been joined by a dedicated team of arts students from Liskeard School and Community College. They are currently working hard at designing windows and sourcing materials. They are around to offer help with ideas, or just to get their hands dirty helping shops.

The competition will be judged on the 8th of November by Mary Portas herself!

So get creative and keep your eyes peeled for some interesting window displays in our lovely high street.

Ruth Houghton

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2 Responses to Enchanting Windows

  1. M LAOUENAN says:

    Great idea. We certainly would love to participate in this. I am away for this week but my colleagues are aware of the scheme.How will the art students let us know how they can help us? Will they make contact with us or do we make contact with the school? Thank you for this initiative. Michele ________________________________

    • loveliskeard says:

      The school students are out and about but I’ll drop a note to say you’re especially interested Michele. Should be fun!

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