We want you!

Whether Kitchener or the Village People, the message is the same, WE WANT YOU!

We’re smartening up our town: painting, cleaning, planting flowers, making tea, serving pasties, putting up shelves, fitting plugs and scrubbing signs. On the weekend of October 27 and 28th, we’re looking for residents, traders, voluntary and community organisations, local business (and maybe a few celebs!) to roll up their sleeves and go back to basics, to make Liskeard a shining example of modern market town.

There will be roles for the less abled and the fully abled, for those who can give an hour, or those who can give two days, for skilled tradesmen (specifically carpenters, shop fitters, painters and decorators, electricians, builders) and for enthusiastic amateurs.

We’re also looking for donations of materials (paint, wood, nails etc) and food and drink. Don’t think it has to be enough to feed a whole town, or paint the whole of Fore Street! Whatever businesses or individuals can give, will be very gratefully received. So please fill out the form and join us for some hard work, but some music and fun, too!

Finally, we’d be grateful if you shared this information far and wide with friends, family, neighbour’s, other organisations or groups you may belong to. If you need leaflets we can provide them (in large print, too).

Big Clean form

All welcome!

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3 Responses to We want you!

  1. fuseki2012 says:

    Did you know that this post isn’t found on the Love Liskeard blog page?  — Susan


  2. Kat says:

    hello, I would love to help, could you upload a form in a different format so that it’s possible to edit it … 😉 Thanks!

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