Hope your summer has been the best it can be between rain drops.

Listed here:

Exciting stuff
Some of what’s happened so far
Boring but necessary stuff

Or there’s a new page if you just want a quick link to the next call out for volunteers here.

Exciting Stuff

Just in case you have missed the local papers or have been in bed with flu all week and haven’t spoken to a soul… Mary Portas will be sharing her ideas for the town! (Can someone please knock on Hella’s door and tell her, she always says she never sees important stuff!) Tuesday 28th at 7pm in the Public Hall.

The Town Team will be meeting with Mary’s team earlier in the day to talk about what was in our bid and find out more about ways we can all work together. Mary is working hard to pull in favours for Liskeard and as you know has already arranged for the Town Council to take on the empty Local Plus building for their planned Pannier Market. Turn up tomorrow to find out more!

What’s happened so far

Working groups met up for the first time – it was really hot if you can remember! There’s now a page on the blog for general working group information. Please check out this page to find out more about meeting up or what’s happening for each of the bid themes.

You may have caught some of the Empty Shops group who hit the ground running with a consultation on how to make best use of the rent free empty shops secured by Mary Portas. Check their page for all the details and watch out for more exciting developments on how they are working with Mary soon.

The Business/Work Hub group are looking to link businesses in town to the external mentors that are supporting the pilot. If you run a business and want to know more about innovative ways to link with customers, use social media or network with other businesses then watch their space.

Yarn bombing and Knitting Workshop

The Knitting Fairy gathered a dedicated team to decorate the Parade in advance of its big market and fun day and held a day long Knitting Workshop in Aimee Rose. There were plenty of pom poms made and even experienced knitters learnt something new. The yarn bombed bicycles go back to our promise to take fun seriously!

Footfall Count

The Measure & Learn Working Group were keen not to appear as stuffy data fans so went wigged for their first footfall count. If you missed it, check out their findings in the previous post.


Did you see they got a mention by Mary Portas on her scrapbook? Terribly proud. The bags are currently being sold to cover the costs incurred by volunteers since winning as these were mounting up. The dedicated screenprinters and stitchers have said that any excess funds will go towards this year’s Liskeard Lights Up. Bags are a mere £3 and can be found at:

Health & Happiness
The Bookshop
Jelly Pebbles

Boring but necessary stuff

The bid team handover to the emerging Town Team Executive Board happened this week. Those reps already agreed: Town Council, Chamber of Commerce, Traders Association and Cornwall Councillor will meet on 7th Sept to decide from the nominations received for remaining positions.

The first full board meeting will be 13th September and is expected to be open to the public.

To keep everything open, the agenda and notes of the handover meeting can be found are here

A big thank you from the Town Team to all you supporters. Much of what has happened to set things up is not sexy or exciting but your goodwill and practical help has kept the show on the road. Thank you especially to the shops selling bags, the cake makers for the workshop groups, Victoria Knitting Fairy Rowan, and extra special volunteer, Lisa Woodward, who collects all the forms as they come in to the library and puts all the information into a database so that we can keep in touch.

Personally, while this whole thing can seem pretty exhausting at times, the kind words, cards through my door and strawberries & cream quietly given in passing have been appreciated more than words can say.


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  1. John Hesketh says:

    Hi Sally,

    Was delighted to meet you and your mother in Liskeard that couple of weeks ago a the former Taste shop. I’m keenly following all your work – and my motivation for this (just to be clear) is that after visiting Liskeard so much over the past 25 yeas, I plan to move there permanently in about 18 months time. Apart from a civic interest in seeing the town revived, I’m also looking for a good outlet for my surplus reduce, hence my big interest in market development.

    I came along to the first market day on 18 August. I can see that a great effort was made by everyone asking part (and the organisers), and I hope that future markets will build on what was started then. As an outsider (at the moment) happy to feedback my impressions if they can help.

    Best wishes

  2. loveliskeard says:

    Thank you John. It is always good to meet an online supporter for real! I’m sure your feedback will be really useful to all. Keep it coming! Sally

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