Counting footfall went to their heads


A team of intrepid volunteers counted people in Liskeard on Saturday at different times and places – a total of 40 separate slots. Yes, it rained so hard in the morning that some of the paper started disintegrating. Yes, we looked very silly in our Mary Portas wigs. But it was good fun and we got a very friendly reception from passers by.

The plan is to repeat the counting at least twice a month on different days to build up a picture of how the town is used and what difference special events like Saturday’s market make.

The graph shows the results from Saturday and these already demonstrate a few things. We counted for 15 minutes in every hour so you need to multiply by four to get a rough hourly figure. As you might expect, activity peaked around lunch time. By 4.15-4.30pm activity had dropped considerably. For most of the day Barras Street (max over 1000 an hour) was busiest, with Bay Tree Hill in second place. Fore Street was in third place for most of the day but still quite busy (the Traders Association had organised a number of activities there). Fore Street was actually the busiest place at 1.15-1.30pm. It will be interesting to see what Fore Street is like on a Saturday when there are no events taking place there. Pike Street was generally quietest but did rise to around 680 an hour.
We’ve now got a good team of counters but we could always do with more. Wearing silly wigs is not compulsory. If you could help with counting or would like to help plan similar activities please fill in a ‘How to get involved’ form (available from the website or in paper form from the Library) or e-mail the Town Team with ‘Counting’ in the title.


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One Response to Counting footfall went to their heads

  1. Jan says:

    Great picture – I would like to thank all of the volunteers who gave up their time to help out. The figures show what a great success the market was. If I could have a pound for every positive comment and enquiry about both the market and pannier market I would be very rich! Here’s to the 22nd of September when the pannier market opens and we have the opportunity to build on Saturdays street market.

    Congratulations to the Town Council and Traders Association for such a Brilliant initiative.

    Many thanks once again.
    Jan Powell

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