Meet the team: Andy

Andy was the one that spotted the Portas opportunity, and has been part of the team since the beginning. He was also one of the first businesses to donate hours of work to the town team regardless of whether we won or not. He helps run the annual Dobwall’s beer festival, and is a lovely person to go for a pint with!

I live in Dobwalls with my wife Nicky (aka “the Cow Lady”), Perry (18) currently waiting for A-level results and Georgie (15) who is about to do her final GCSE year. I have a real passion for sport (particularly cricket and rugby), music, real-ale and I took up long-boarding around 13 years ago. My time at the beach, sports grounds and pubs is limited because I run a small – but perfectly formed – town and country planning consultancy on the Parade in Liskeard town centre (Urban and Rural Planning Associate Ltd). We’ve been in Parade House for the past 4 years having started the business in the garage in my back-garden in 2004!

I originally came to Liskeard in 1995 to work for Caradon District Council in the planning department. I had grown up in a village in Bedfordshire. However as soon as I had to buy my own house, because of the costs of property in the rural parts of the south-east, I had to do so within the outskirts of Luton. I didn’t want to raise my family there so we looked around for somewhere in the south-west where my father and his side of the family originate.

When I came to Cornwall, I fell in love with Liskeard and the surrounding area immediately – the contrasts between where I had come from and south-east Cornwall were tremendous. Communities here are real. The townscape of Liskeard is fantastic and has been truly honed by the history of the place – and the sense of that should never be lost in my opinion. The countryside is beautiful and there is still a very real sense of the importance of agriculture which helps to preserve this rural area. And of course one of the big contrasts from my former home is the coast-line around Cornwall which is also crucial to the history and future of the area. Moving to Cornwall has been the best thing that Nicky and I could have done – and we did it literally a week after we were married!

From the very first Town Forum meeting where the project was discussed, I could sense that there were other people like me who were extremely enthusiastic about the potential of Liskeard – but who hadn’t really known how to get involved to help overcome some of the problems. Putting the bid together was great fun and I have made some friends who I think I will know for the rest of my life. Some good people, real characters who want to do their best for the town. If we hadn’t won the competition, I think the enthusiasm would have still resulted in positive changes in the town. Winning was a bonus.

I am confident that the project will be a success. It will give everyone the opportunity to get involved; to influence what goes on; to build a new way of working that doesn’t involve sitting back and waiting for others to do it; and to connect together so that the town punches above its weight!

(Please note, any reference to Town Team means the interim Town Team who completed and won the bid. The Executive Board of the Town Team will be decided in August.)

Up, up and away!

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5 Responses to Meet the team: Andy

  1. Jon says:

    Just out of interest what is the percentage of people involved in the ‘Town Team’ who actually grew up in Liskeard? Everybody I knew, growing up, couldn’t wait to get the hell out of here and move to a city and this was the majority. I always get the feeling that the council and the people who make the descisions are from other places in the country and have come here either to raise their children (who then promptly move away when they get old enough) or to settle and retire. It’s just a sad fact. Thanks for the entheusiasm but why not just let the town centre run it’s natural course. If the council were so worried about the town centre they would have never approved the building of a great big supermarket on the outskirts, would they!? This whole Mary Porter thing is patronising IMHO. Give the town to the people who grew up here and have stayed because they wanted to, not because they never ‘made it out’.

    • loveliskeard says:


      Sorry you feel that way, not sure I agree – as someone with parents, grandparents and beyond from Cornwall! Its been good to have a mixture of voices involved, newer folks look at things with fresh eyes and those who have lived here all their lives bring strength of local knowledge.

      The Town Team is giving the town to the people – please join in & help shape Liskeard’s future.


  2. Jon says:

    …but not everywhere can prosper and grow. It’s common sense. We are all sold the idea that there should be continuing growth overall for the good of the economy but it’s just not possible for everywhere. Liskeard has become a satalite town to Plymouth IMHO. There is nowhere near enough industry close by to support the (growing) population and yet we continue to build houses….not business’s. Then people move here believing Cornwall to be some charming idyllic retreat and discover that, actually, there is poverty and lot’s of people just trying to make ends meet. The town center has so many closed shops because nobody has the money to spend in them. So naturally people want to be proud of where they live and they have done something about it, which I applaud, but, you can’t throw money at the place and expect the young people to not move away to go to uni, find work or find a place with a vital community. And who can blame them? 100,000, a celibrity troubleshooter and all of the entheuastic newer folks with fresh eyes in the world won’t change that.
    I know that these ‘fresh eyes’ will call me cynical, and I probably am but IMHO until something revolutionary happens in politics and we have a government who are passionate about people over the building of wealth (or as it is now, trying to pay our massive debts) small towns and small communities will suffer, cities will become more overcrowded and the poor will get poorer.

  3. andrew Redford says:

    People remmber this Mary Porter does nothing that is not of a benifit for Mary Porter indeed MP has a long history of rape, pillage and plonder where ever she has resided. Best rember why she moved west in the first instance i do and was there when that world crashed around here ears.

    Liskeard has to change, is MP the correct way to do it simply NO, im not from here but have lived here for 20 years why is simple the world i grew up in was swallowed up and lost many years ago actuly due to the same ideas that MP Pushes please do not let liskeard and its values go the same way.
    Rember that we are in the biggest recesion the world has ever seen, shops that are filled on free rents and have no back bone and will not last, support those that tryand have been here all there lives by all means let people try but dont but up a false picture reality is simple 70% of new ventures fail in the first two years under the current climate that will be 85% dont expect the shops now occupied to be full in 24 months time what is needed is simply to shop local, keep the direction of the town focused on the town ask why the space in lower Baytree hill is not let, ask the Co op why they will not enter ito meaningfull negotiations on letting it but accept that it is in ther interast to keep it empty

    A few cans of paint will not move the town foward, a commited populas that shops in the town and can park without hassel will go a long way to making it work, the town councill need to think long and hard about there direction true, but dont be gided by those that have other agendas.

    As for MP here true agenda will come to the fore in time then we will see what she is realy up to.
    Andrew Liskeard

    • loveliskeard says:

      Hard to follow all of your points here Andrew. But to clarify, Liskeard Town Team are encouraging all to shop local, particularly through local of lent and the national Independent Easter campaign.

      With regards to Co-op, they have been hugely supportive throughout. The building think you are referring to is still leased to Eurospar.

      You are right, a committed population is what’s needed and do you know, I think Liskeard is really building that now.

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