Meet the team: David

Dad of four (six if you include two dogs!) David Orr lives in Liskeard and runs his landscape design consultancy from his home. He brings a finely honed sense of humour and eye for strategy to the team…

My work involves providing creative and advice services, mainly to local authorities and community groups, in urban and rural regeneration, new development design, conservation and environmental improvement. I work with architects, engineers and town planners too, and advise clients on achieving quality design for new streets, parks, public spaces and development. It is challenging but extremely rewarding work that has taken me all over the world.

I am fascinated by how towns work and love seeing different places and meeting new people but, when I’ve been away, I always relish returning home across the Tamar Bridge.

With my wife I lead a church project that we began in the area recently – this involves a lot of fun with people; eating cake and drinking coffee. I also love walking my dogs both in and around the town, or throwing sticks for them to catch in the waves at Seaton beach.

I really enjoy working with the Town Team bid volunteers. We listen very hard to what people are telling us, and thrash that out together to make this all work. It’s all to bring back the buzz!

(Please note, any reference to Town Team means the interim Town Team who completed and won the bid. The Executive Board of the Town Team will be decided in August.)

Black and white David!

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