Meet the team: Rachel

Rachel has also been involved since the early days, and brings a nice mix of logic, calm and creativity to the team! With oddles of experience in some of the issues we’re facing.

I live in the centre of town and enjoy doing all my food shopping there. I buy local whenever I can, and would love to see even more local produce on sale. I’m doing an Open University course and did my first project on local food which involved interviewing some of the shopkeepers and producing a small questionnaire on what would encourage more people to buy local food. I realised that having a vibrant town centre was key to being able to buy and sell local food so, when I saw the first Town Forum meeting about the Portas Bid I went along. I helped with the pop-up shop and with consulting on and writing the bid. I’ve also started volunteering at Trevalon organic farm and it’s great to be involved in planting whole fields of vegetables – although I’m a real novice and did accidentally plant a weed on my first day!

I’ve done all sorts of jobs in my life, including working as a facilitator and management trainer and designing the way an NHS Trust measured its performance and I’m hoping to bring some of that experience to the Portas Pilot. One of the things I’ve found very rewarding so far is that people’s backgrounds are so varied which means they bring lots of different ideas.

A year ago I was made redundant from the NHS and that coincided with several eye operations which means I can’t work or drive at the moment. The upside of this is more time to do things locally and to spend time with my 7 year old son who is at Hillfort. He and I are both in Cornish Phoenix at Sterts this summer, which has been pretty challenging for both of us (especially the dancing) but great fun.

I’m an enthusiastic knitter and a member of the Knit ‘n’ Knatter group that meets at Stuart House. I’ve been an admiring observer of the yarn bombing and am hoping to try my hand at it this summer.

My husband is a Cornishman and we moved here six years ago when he got a job in Plymouth so he could move back to Cornwall. We chose Liskeard because of where it is – between the moor and the coast and on the main rail line. It’s a wonderful place to bring up a child. I’ve grown to love it because of the local shops and community events and the friends we’ve made here.

(Please note, any reference to Town Team means the interim Town Team who completed and won the bid. The Executive Board of the Town Team will be decided in August.)

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