Liskeard Town Team Working Groups

Please share and spread the word to interested parties. Currently all those who signed up to a working group on 22nd June have been invited but the more the merrier!


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3 Responses to Liskeard Town Team Working Groups

  1. Frances Turnbull says:

    Hi I really want to get involed i haven’t got the form in yet and unfortunaly i’m not able to come to the meeting today (25th july) as i am working!

    Can you let me know if it is too late and if not what sort of things are still needed?

    I work in scoopies corner shop and i also bake for the country market and i have a wide range of skills to share!

    Thanks and I hope to get involed soon!

    Frances Turnbull

    • loveliskeard says:

      If you send a form in with your interests we’ll keep you posted and hopefully see you next time!

  2. vicki rowan says:

    hiya I was unable to make it as well but would like to be involved 🙂

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