Meet the team: Ruth

Ruth is our youngest member, and arguably, our most glamorous! She’s also mother to Ben who became something of a poster boy during the application process, and after we won. She has just completed a course in Fashion & Textiles at Plymouth College of Art.

I have lived in Liskeard for pretty much my whole life. Reluctantly a lot of the time, mainly because there wasn’t a lot to do. Being someone who is very interested in art, music and fashion there just wasn’t much on offer here in Liskeard. I’ve always felt that I couldn’t do anything about it because I’m young. I think that’s why I feel so passionately about being a member of the Town Team, and helping to make it a more enjoyable and exciting place to be.

It’s quite clear to see that one of the issues is the lack of communication between the young people, and some of the rest of the town. But now we have a voice and it’s very empowering and fulfilling.

I’ve also found that a few of my friends now want to be involved after me blabbing on about it all the time! There is a lot to do, some may be a little boring (just being honest!), but there is lots of exciting stuff, too. Before we won the Portas Pilot challenge, a lot of people were negative and quite apprehensive about it, but we did it, and now people really want to help, its fab.

I’ve never really felt like part of the community here because some people seem to have a pre-conceived perception of the youth in this town, one that’s sadly quite negative. It’s nice to be able to show that we’re not all like that, and that we can be very helpful and passionate, as well as having great ideas. Don’t get me wrong I love a few pints at The Barley Sheaf on a Thursday with live music, but who doesn’t? Unfortunately the stereotype is that that is all young people like to do. But the Town Team have welcomed me with open arms. I’ve met such a wide range of wonderful people that I probably wouldn’t have if it wasn’t for this project, and this lovely bunch of volunteers. It has really been an eye-opening experience as to what a wide variety of people live and work in this town. Also, hearing residents and traders talk about little old Liskeard with so much much passion and love was quite surprising, but extremely lovely.

Some of my friends ask aren’t the meetings really boring etc., but surprisingly I find them really fun, something I thought I would never say! You can always guarantee some lively debate! I may have missed a few parties and nights out to attend the meetings, but its definitely been worth it.

We’ve got a great opportunity here to really push Liskeard to its full potential and make it as special as it should be. So we all need to work together and make it happen!

(Please note, any reference to Town Team means the interim Town Team who completed and won the bid. The Executive Board of the Town Team will be decided in early August.)

Ruth, Ben and bubbles!

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