Last night’s meeting…

It was regretful that some Councillors decided to walk out of yesterday’s Town Forum meeting without explaining why they were doing so, the second meeting at which they’ve done this, and which led to confusion and anger from others at the meeting. 

The Town Team made a commitment to be open, representative and community-led, and work as a partnership across many fantastic organisations in the town. This is as true now as it was from day one, despite attempts to undermine and distort the work we’re doing. 

Members of the public spoke passionately about the need to move from talking to achieving; achieving what we set out to do in our winning bid, and doing so in a way that was efficient and which allowed the community to influence and be part of this exciting process. 

We’d like to thank everyone that came to the meeting, people were overwhelming positive and with that much knowledge, enthusiasm and commitment, the Town Team has the foundations needed to help bring positive and long-lasting change to the town we all love.

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4 Responses to Last night’s meeting…

  1. Sue Pike says:

    I’m really looking forward to working on the bid and to learning new skills with the Measure and Learn squad. There may have been a bit of an untidy beginning but I’m sure as the weeks pass we’ll all pull together for the good of our town. There’s a lot of energy and hope here.

    • loveliskeard says:

      Yes, there is a huge amount of energy and hope, and glad you’re part of it! Allison

  2. Well done to the chair, Roger Holmes, for managing such a difficult task so well. I am glad the votes have been cast for the list put together by the town team. I look forward to helping, wherever I can. in achieving our aims.

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