How you said you wanted the Town Team to work

As promised, here’s the decisions hundreds of you had a hand in making about how the Town Team should be organised to develop and do the things in the winning application.

This document was sent for distribution with the agenda for the next meeting on the 11th July to those who are on the Town Forum’s regular mailing list but as this number is relatively small, I’m posting them here.

If you are intending to come to the meeting, which is as always, open to all, it might be worth bringing a copy with you. Please remember it is likely only those who have attended three meetings of the Forum will be entitled to vote to approve these decisions.

However, as regular Forum members will tell you, consulting the public widely is an important part of its constitution and I feel sure this document will be taken seriously as the views offered of a significant section of the public on these issues.


TT organisation agreed on 22.06.12

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5 Responses to How you said you wanted the Town Team to work

  1. Lynette Rule says:

    Have read the list of reps to executive and I thought we had agreed TWO for the voluntary/arts groups, not the one here stated! I am away from Liskeard on the 11th so unfortunately cannot attend the next Forum. Rah.

    • loveliskeard says:

      This isn’t easy Lynette, as I’m sure you will be aware that the minute taker paid by the Forum left during the meeting. I have taken all the accounts from a number who made notes and have video footage of some of the meeting to construct the decisions reached.

      On the specific question of voluntary sector reps, 2 was proposed but the vote went in favour of 1 – I counted this one – 39 to 59.

      As the proposal is to include on board the chairs of working groups – there are still opportunities for increasing repsentation of particular groups and there have been some promising suggestions coming in about how the voluntary sector representation can be used to good effect to benefit all those from these groups.

      I hope this helps answer your query – or email if you want further details on this point.


  2. Michelle Virgo says:

    A matter of procedure about voting rights at town forum meetings. Can you vote at your third meeting or do you have to wait for the fourth?
    Hope someone knows the answer.

    • loveliskeard says:

      Have asked Forum to help make this clear for all attending. Originally the rule was introduced to avoid decisions about spend of public money being open to abuse – if you had made an application for community funds and could then send loads of people to vote that night it would be wrong. However, the Forum hasn’t used the three meetings voting for a long time so it is a little unclear to me. More as I get it!


  3. loveliskeard says:

    Latest in from Forum – if you are turning up on Wednesday 11th and this is your third Forum meeting, you may vote.


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