Your support

We’ve said all along how important your support has been; without it, we wouldn’t have won. Now lets turn that support into art!

First of all, you can pledge your support here on Mary’s own site. Show you’re committed to this town and give it a thumbs up!

Secondly, we’re interested in a word cloud of pledges… via this site (and other offline methods) what can you do to Love Liskeard?

Let’s see if we can turn words into art, a testament to the enthusiasm, passion, spirit, independence and commitment in and for this town.

It might be practical, it might be artistic, it might be environmental, it might be about the community, it might be about sharing skills, it could be joining a local group, eating at local restaurants, shopping in local shops, starting a new business, making music, volunteering, or dancing in the streets! It could be WHATEVER matters to you! What do you think you can do that will make a difference, make people smile, and promote Liskeard? And while we do good for our community, lets see if we can persuade some local artists to make that commitment even more beautiful!


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5 Responses to Your support

  1. Kate Wilson says:

    To show some Liskeard Community Support, Shelly Billing, who lost her wonderful brother earlier this year, has organised a great Family Fun Day in his memory, raising money for Cornwall Air Ambulance. She is bring people together from all around Liskeard on 22nd July at Liskeard Leisure Centre & sports grounds. 1pm. There have been loads of donations including bouncy castle, Rodeo bull, Adult bungee run and Sumo suits, plus rounders competition, BBQ, stalls. There have also been donated prizes from local businesses and are trying to arrange an auction for the afternoon!! I will be donating something for the auction plus 10% of all sales on the day. What fantastic community support, remembering a wonderful guy! If you can’t be there to support this cause, you can donate on her just giving page –

    • loveliskeard says:

      What a fantastic event, and a lovely way to remember someone who was clearly very special. I hope you raise loads of money and if we’re around, we’ll be there too! Allison

  2. Pete Mulford says:

    To help to increase happiness and our sense of community, I have decided to organise an Action for Happiness group in town (the first in Cornwall 🙂 which will hold regular get togethers so we can learn practical things we can do to increase our own happiness levels and what we can do to increase the happiness of others in our community. The Liskeard Action for Happiness group will meet for the first time on 16th July at 7pm in the New Liskeard room in Liskeard’s Public Hall. Everyone is welcome and I hope that we will get together a good group of enthusiastic people who are eager to share their ideas and take action to make themselves and Liskeard happier and make a real difference to our fab community 🙂 We have a facebook group set up here if people would like to know more. Hope to see you on the 16th 🙂

  3. Susan Shand says:

    We could literally turn words into art by doing a global Renga (a very long poem made up of very short 2 or 3 line poems contributed by many people in Liskeard or with links to Liskeard from all over the world) Like this one… I would be delighted to lead it if you like the idea (I’m an experienced Renga poet) It could be included at live at events, in slow time in fixed locations such as the library, and online – then finally combined into one huge poem.

    • Wonder how this would look with a piece in every shop window…or, if appropriate, in a continous banner, window-to-window in Fore Street? Just an idea…

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