Public meeting this Friday

Check out our poster for this Friday’s meeting!

Liskeard public meeting

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3 Responses to Public meeting this Friday

  1. Tom Trethewey says:

    “Leaving England and coming into Cornwall is like falling off an economic cliff”. I forget who wrote these words, but Liskeard town centre illustrates them well. Almost empty car-parks, shop after shop also empty, giving an air of dereliction and neglect. Why? Because people will not pay £1 to park for an hour or so in the town centre. Because the business rates for shops are too high (I know, I helped to run a shop in Liskeard). Idiocy on all fronts! Cornwall Council have no business running car-parks; they should attend to more important matters, like getting the Cornish people recognized as a national minority. Let the town run its own car-parks, without charge. Encourage shops which are distinctively Cornish, so that the town centre has a character of its own, and is not just a carbon copy of everywhere else.

  2. Liskeard Town Team – we attended a long but exciting meeting last night re the winning Portas Bid in a packed Public Hall in Liskeard. Exciting because so many had turned out, exciting because everyone was so enthusiastic, exciting because it really felt as though this was going to make a real difference. We would like to thank all in the original team that put forward Liskeard’s Portas Bid for without their foresight, momentum, dedication and love of Liskeard, last night would not have happened. We hope and trust that this original team is incorporated within the way forward perhaps being the face of the Liskeard Town Team. Elaine and Shirley Lewis

  3. Quite agree with the above. This was also a wonderful example of excellent organization, planning and facilitation.Well done and thank you,
    Michele Laouenan – The Book Shop.

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