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A mention in this month’s Cornwall Today.

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  1. John Hesketh says:

    Good Morning Liskeard! I’m following the discussions on whether or not you should be allowing your regeneration work to filmed by Mary Portas. Have you seen the piece in today’s (Saturday 16 June) Guardian?

    I’m not yet a Liskeard resident, and so don’t feel it’s my place to express a strong opinion, but the final paragraph of the article offers a point of view I hadn’t considered. The owner of a shop in Margat (one of the other 12 towns) suggests that the new currency that matters now is not so much ‘money’ as ‘attention’ . ‘Attention is what will change people’s lives’. And by bringing attention to yourself, it attracts people in. Sorry I can’t copy and paste the whole piece, but it made me stop and think.

    Good luck in your decision making: I’m sure you’ll make the right one for the town.

  2. loveliskeard says:

    Thank you so much for taking the time to write (and such a nice message, too!). It’s a difficult balance, isn’t it. Some attention gets things done even quicker, too much detracts from your objectives! We’re having these discussions now. I think it is true, that the kudos of a good TV programme can have a long-lasting and positive effect. I shall get the Guardian, sounds like an interesting read. When are you moving to Liskeard? Allison

    • John Hesketh says:

      Hi Alison,

      All being well, I hope to move to the Menheniot area round about autumn 2013, but I’ve been visiting the area regularly since 1985. I’m keen to see Liskeard develop a good market, and was especially struck by your idea for an eveing market. Very innovative! I’ve exchanged emails with Rosa Mashiter about proposals to encourage a better farmers market in the town centre, and I can that would complement your own work.

      I sent an early email to your website the day your successful grant was announced to offer any distanced help I could, especially around marketing. I’m sure you have your own experts in the Forum and bid team – but my interest is long term, and I’m happy to make any contribution I can – even if its just rerstricted to commenting on posts here.

      Will be looking out for the Sunday Politics show tomorrow (we get a different edition in Bristol, but I’ll catch it on iPlayer tomorrow night)

      • loveliskeard says:

        Good luck for the move. And we’ll announce on here when specific projects are about to start, so that people who have interest and skills in that area can get involved… Allison

  3. Claire says:

    I’m a lover of Liskeard & visit regularly. I agree the more good media attention the better. How about using some of the Portas pilot money to put brass plaques in the pavements at intervals to mark out one of the heritage trails. Then there could be a grand opening when everyone particularly schools could carry flags or banners or dress up showing the history of Liskeard following the route of the plaques. This would be great for tv coverage, would put Liskeard on the map and encourage visitors to come & walk the walk themselves. If it was held on st pirans or st Michaels Day (traditional patrons of Cornwall) it could even become an annual event & as well as Helston Flora Day there could be Liskeard Heritage Day. Great town Liskeard!

    • loveliskeard says:

      Fantastic suggestion, I’ll make sure the rest of the team see it too. And lovely to hear you visit regularly! Allison

  4. Claire says:

    If it comes off I’ll make sure I’m there but I’ll support and spread the word for anything you decide on. I’ll represent the “regular visitor” element of Love Liskeard community. Great town! Lots of heritage. Friendly fun loving people.

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