Optomen Films

Yesterday we got a call from Optomen Films (who make Mary Portas’ television programmes) and were told that Liskeard had been chosen as one of the three towns she and the production company wanted to film for a new documentary!

We’re currently trying to set up a meeting between Optomen, Channel 4 and relevant people in the town, so we can find out exactly what this entails.

More details coming soon…


PS. We filmed a piece for the Sunday Politics show this morning which you can watch on Sunday from midday!

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2 Responses to Optomen Films

  1. Nigel Day says:

    Oooh, might be a bit tricky, that. I’ve heard it can be a double-edged sword. Could be very good though so let’s look on the positive side!

    • loveliskeard says:

      Hi, thanks for your message. Yes these things can have their pluses and minuses! We’re still getting more info so keep an eye on the site for the latest! Allison

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