Heading into the Bank Holiday…

Fantastic to see so many at the Forum meeting this Wednesday. And thank you to all those who have sent apologies and messages of support.

We had breaking news to deliver that evening which I’ll explain here in case you weren’t able to attend. We can confirm we have the full £100,000 to pursue the proposals in our application and that we are expected to develop work programmes for all of the elements of the bid.

In addition, the package of support available is really very significant and we’ll post a link to the letter detailing all that it involves.

Of immediate note is that our last public meeting on April 30th set out some priorities if the application was unsuccessful. I hope all those who attended and contributed with such enthusiasm understand that we are now in a different position and must revert to the specifics in the bid!

We also agreed a meeting date of June 11th. As events have taken this altogether different but hugely exciting turn, we have had to defer that date.

Instead, our parent body, the Town Forum, will be calling an Extraordinary General Meeting which will focus just on taking forward the bid. This is the place where you will hear more about the ways the Town Team will operate and how you might get involved. As soon as we have the details of that meeting we will let everyone know.

Within the next few weeks Cornwall Council will receive our money and we are looking at the processes that will need to be put in place for it to be released to Liskeard’s Town Team.

Many will realise Mary’s TV people have been around this week. She is choosing 3 of the 12 towns to make a documentary. The advice from the Department for Communities and Local Government is for us to think through carefully the pros & cons of this if we are asked to participate.

For everyone who has said to me they think it would put us on the map there’s someone who has said there’s dangers to our privacy and possibly our dignity. It was fantastic to see visitors with cameras saying how beautiful our town is and clearly enjoying the experience of meeting our townspeople, but there is a suggestion that it will be much harder to manage our plans if we’re also managing TV.

Already some have found they have been told to make themselves available and then it’s come to nothing. I have experience of a TV programme in the area of Plymouth I work in and it’s fair to say not everyone now would say it was something they’d repeat. We need to know a little more and not leap to conclusions. To help make up our minds DCLG have suggested we watch Mary’s programmes.

Regardless of our collective decision over TV if it was proposed, we have won an amazing competition which will bring an enormous amount of attention & expertise to our small town.

I believe though that although there are lots of questions we all will want answered about processes and procedures for realising the ideas in the bid, we have enough positive, committed people in the town to have an amazing year and take a great leap forward in our very special town centre.

Have a wonderful long weekend!


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  1. Your message Sally is very clear and helpful. Thank you.
    I agree with the reservations expressed about the possibility of taking part in a documentary. I was one of those who was put on the spot and was interviewed by the Portas team. One felt thrilled to suddenly be listened to and to be receiving some attention as part of the town and of the project. But I did get cold feet afterwards. When there is money involved there will anyhow be strings attached. If on top of that we are involved in a documentary, (I am only adding to what has been said above), this may lead us into unwanted territory.

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