Thank you Liskeard

Thank you to everyone who has been sending in kind words to congratulate the team. We are sorry not to be able to reply to everyone immediately. Things have been a little bit busy!

And this is just the beginning!

A special thank you to all those businesses and residents who have supported us throughout. Out heartfelt gratitude to Mike Gregory, the Town Forum Chairman, who made it all possible, Steve Foster our fantastic Community Network Manager and Nick Mallard who endorsed us so strongly during the bid process. To the team who made it happen: I cannot find enough words to show my appreciation for the dedication shown. I’ll post soon on each of the team so that the town knows what extraordinary people they have in their midst.

Isn’t it just great to see all our shops displaying a ‘working together, winning together’ sign today?

The full details of our proposals are on here under Priorities and you’ll hopefully find a good mix of the serious and frivolous amongst them. It’s great the media have picked up on the plans for fun stuff but we do have a full range of plans!

To all those sending in ideas and suggestions, thank you for your continued enthusiasm and even if you are not responded to straightaway, they are being collected and noted. Where they fit with the priorities that won the bid, I’m sure we will be getting back to you.

At the end of last week, we were told Liskeard was a winner. But it’s important to make clear we neither know the precise amount we have won or if all the proposals we made will be funded. As soon as we have more details about the next steps from DCLG you will know all about them. The team have an absolute commitment to transparency and keeping the town conversation going. It was VERY hard to know we’d made it and not be allowed to share it with you until Saturday morning. Some of us felt we’d burst!

Wednesday at 7pm is the Town Forum of course, the place where all this started. We had a slot on the agenda to update everyone but I’ll be honest, the speech about winning hadn’t been written when we were booked! So delighted to have that opportunity to do so now.

See you there!


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3 Responses to Thank you Liskeard

  1. John Hesketh says:

    Great news for you all. Trying to get hold of a copy of your bid but can’t find it. You mention that it can be found under ‘Priorities’ but I can’t see it on this site or the Town Forum site. Can you send me a link to it please?

    Many thanks

    • loveliskeard says:

      The priorities can be found under March postings John. The most technically able of us is busy today, but we are looking to put whole application up on here asap. One of the reasons we didn’t previously, was not knowing if we would be part of the second round. Great to be in the first 12 though!

  2. keith & Sandie Lockyer No 18 The Coffee House says:

    Congratulations to the whole team on their success for Liskeard,

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