Meeting bursting with energy and enthusiasm

Monday’s meeting was packed! We agreed a programme of work to revitalise Liskeard Town Centre – whether or not the town is one of 12 chosen nationally to be a “Portas Pilot”.

The decision is expected shortly but there will be a further round of bidding, with 12 more pilots announced in June.

Over 20 including traders, residents, Town and Cornwall councillors and the Chair of the Town Forum discussed priorities for action. We came up with five:

Ensuring all sections of the community are informed about what is on offer in Liskeard
Running a ‘buy local’ campaign
Supporting the establishment of a regular market
Making the town more attractive to all users
Bringing empty shops back into active use

We then worked in small groups to look at key actions needed for each priority and to identify other groups and individuals we’d need to work with.

The Town Team is a sub group of the Town Forum and all its proposals are subject to ratification by the Forum.

It was a lively meeting with loads of enthusiasm to tackle town centre issues in partnership. Winning the bid would be a bonus but there’s plenty of people keen to take things forward even if the government misses us in this round.

Debbie Vass, owner of Health and Happiness and one of the traders at the meeting said “It is great to have traders, residents and councillors coming together to work out practical things we can do to improve our town.”

Mike Gregory, Chair of Liskeard Town Forum, said “This group benefits from the experience of people who have a track record of working for the town and also the ideas and enthusiasm of some fresh faces.”

We intend to hold an open, monthly meeting and details of future meetings will be available soon.To reach the widest range of people, we will communicate in many different ways – here, on Twitter @loveliskeard, Facebook and email, as well as notices on display in the town centre and press coverage.

To sign up for email mailouts, please let us know.


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