Things are, without doubt, a little quieter. Not so much frenzied activity on here and on our social media pages! Now it feels we’re all just waiting… but there is still work going on in the background.

Last week we had a ten minute slot at the Town Forum meeting to feed back and show our film. Everyone seemed very pleased with what we’ve done, which was a nice boost.

Next Monday we have a Town Team meeting at the Liskerrett cafe from 6pm. There’s a packed agenda and we will be firming up the structure of the Team.

And tonight, I’m off to a meeting about event insurance. Not particularly glamorous, but as we hope there will be more, and varied, events in Liskeard, it makes sense to get it right, and be safe!

Finally, in response to the question posed on Facebook recently, will we be having a celebration event whatever the outcome? The answer looks to be yes. But not until July. Between now and July we have the Olympic Torch, the Queen’s Jubilee, Liskeard Show and Race for Life. And we decided, although we want to celebrate, we also want to support all the great things that are already happening (and which people have put a tremendous amount of work into) and then, when the social calendar is a little less busy, plan something. So we will keep you informed, but we hope like us, you’ll want to celebrate what is happening already in this special town, in this very special year.

No date yet for the Portas Challenge announcements, but believe me, when we know, you’ll know!


PS. Thanks to all who came out and said hello to the Tweetbus! They really enjoyed their visit, and hopefully, Liskeard tweeters are now just a little bit better connected to each other and the town.

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