What can you buy in Liskeard?

What a fantastic turn out! In the end we had over 40 people (30 people at the 10am meeting, and the rest as and when they could get away from other commitments) cash mobbing this morning.

There was lots of laughing and excitement (not helped by having to pose for photos for the Cornish Times and the Cornish Guardian making us feel a little self-conscious!) And all wearing something red. Including a hat band, a rather splendid handkerchief, t-shirts, jumpers, a few scarves, and trousers!

If people stuck to the £10 (quite a few went way over!) that’s a minimum of £400 that went in our local shops this morning. Plus we’ve opened a few people eyes about just what is available…

Now, we’re not claiming that some of this money wouldn’t have been spent on a normal Saturday morning in Liskeard anyway, but people really did make the effort including people who don’t generally shop local, people who decided to treat themselves and spend more than they would normally, and children who had extra pocket money to take part!

There was some thing’s that came up time and time again, so we won’t list all of those – they included pasties (naturally), saffron buns and other cakes, bread and baguettes, newspapers, vegetables (including a range of local and/or organic), fruit, takeaway coffees and greetings cards. But here for your delight and delectation, is a list of just exactly what you can get in Liskeard, in an hour!

aloe vera soap (paraben free)
olive soap (paraben free)
pick n’ mix sweets x 3
thyme plant x 2
energy saving lightbulb x 4
organic vegetable stock
Quicksilver baby grow
baking tray x 3
art print
apple juice
2 dog toys
marker pen
jam pot cover
reduced salt stock
key cover
wicker basket
women’s shoes
cranberry juice
knife sharpener
child’s wooden digger
leather purse
books x 6
cosmetic bag
scarf x 2
women’s top and matching cardigan
t-shirt x 3
egg rack
easter eggs
craft material
stretchy man (child’s toy)
kids tennis set
silly snake (child’s toy)
daffodils x 3
solar panel flower and bee!
fluffy chicken cake decorations
wooden ladybirds
giggly eyes (for craft work)
guide book to insects
guide book to butterflies
swimming woggle (to help you float!)
chocolate eggs
bunny rabbit cookie cutter
2 hand warmers
gluten-free biscuits
window wiper
2 lip salves
costume jewellery ring
oval roaster
shower gel
plant labels
chicken, lamb, sausages, bacon, black pudding
glass cleaner
solar panel flower toy
jumbo oats
all spice
wool x 2
crochet hook x 2
cabin hook
gift bag
2 pairs of shorts
heart brooch
scart lead
flower seeds x 2
postcards of Liskeard
men’s t-shirt
almond milk
vegan cheese
SD video card
cup, saucer and plate
blue tack and post-its
Cornish honey
cow fridge magnet
pretty reusable bag
fair trade chocolate
organic oats
2 Peppa Pig toys
hand puppet
2 magazines
pea plants
fruit juice
children’s comic
Cornish bunting
glass wipes
saw blade
double sided sticky tape
craft material
scrubbing brush
cleaning fluid
cleaning clothes
hair dye
children’s toy
card making stickers
2 sweatshirts
1 dress
tube of acrylic glue
new tyres!
brown rice flour
millet flake
pair of trainers
broomsticks (for dancing!)

… phew!

A massive thank you to everyone that made the effort to come down and get involved, and from the feedback we’re getting from traders, they were absolutely delighted to see you all. (Not hard to spot, were we!)


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8 Responses to What can you buy in Liskeard?

  1. Viv Twornicki says:

    Fantastic news the cash mobbing went so well! Actually it was The Cornish Times photographer David Hambly capturing the moment at 10am not The Cornish Guardian! However it didn’t seem to put anyone off spending their money in the town centre ! A brilliant idea 🙂

    • loveliskeard says:

      I shall change that forthwith! So sorry for the mistake. Yes it was brilliant fun 🙂 Thanks for great coverage yesterday.

      • Jade says:

        The Cornish Guardian’s photographer was also there – pics and a full write-up will be in this Wednesday’s paper.

        Congratulations on a great event!

  2. Zero 2 Vintage@shed 13 says:

    Sounds like everyone had great fun and proves a point! As a trader at the Cattle Market, I would like to thank all who came in today.

    • Tatum says:

      Hey there lovely Denise and Raymondo .. . ..
      Hope you are doing well with the lovely shop that you have in LISKEARD .. My son Clay has been hard at work on the 1957 air fix .. You are lovely people and really look forward to returning for the chalk paint you have ordered for me .. Hope fully next week ..

      Bless you in all you do and all the events that Soround you ..

  3. loveliskeard says:

    https://twitter.com/WallyHanske/statuses/186066013668904961 < Here's link to your good self on Twitter, in case you hadn't seen you are famous! Love my teacup and saucer. I'll let you know if it does get transformed into a candle. Yep, the day was a bit of a buzz.


  4. Tatum says:

    I love LISKEARD .. If you look hard enough you will find things you never though you would find .. Through the car parks in the back streets down the hills you will find some of the most lovely shops caves and people ..
    I keep returning to LISKEARD as I do not need to go to plymouth to Truro .. The amount of vintage and retro stuff is just fantastic .. There is even lovey parks including fantastic skate park .
    Please do not think you just drive through all you do is chose a car park and of you go ..
    You will be welcome ..
    We love LISKEARD and if yo come enough LISKEARD will love you ..
    Bless all that come here .xxxx

  5. Tatum says:

    I hope I can adjust my mistakes. .. You cannot find caves in LISKEARD .. But in looe nearby you can .. I meant cafe my predictive text put caves in .. Well some people may love the idea of caves in LISKEARD maybe there are some .. But sorry there are lovely cafe in LISKEARD …

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