And that’s a wrap…

So, the application is in and the film has been uploaded and now we have a month (give or take) to wait until we hear the result. In that period, we’ll keep updating our sites, and be organising events and basically carrying on – business as usual. (Perhaps with a fraction less madness and a fraction more sleep!)

We have a lot of people to thank, and please bear with me in case I forget anyone…

Town Forum
Liskeard School and Community College
Chamber of Commerce
Cornwall Council
Traders Association
Liskeard traders and businesses
Our residents
Liskerrett Centre
The Cornish Guardian & The Cornish Times
Vital Spark
Glen Rogers
Barley Sheaf for some cracking music!
Trevor Woodman, Lorraine Candy, Cassie Patten and Richard Madeley for speaking from the heart…

And especially our partners and families who understood when we were a bit grumpy or we missed dinner!

Liskeard is very easy to love. Remember this is the first step in a much longer journey. Join us to do the best for our young people, to green and clean up our act, to shop local, to take pride and to work with innovation and creativity.

Thanks… for now,

Allison, Sally, Mike, Bruce, Margaret, Ruth, Lori, Roger, Steve, Andy, David, Maureen, Jan, Rachel and Rik.



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