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2 Responses to Action!

  1. Janice Hare says:

    Dear All, Well done! I thought the Portas film was brilliant. I’ve heard a few examples from other towns on the radio recently and this was by far better. Great idea to concentrate on the positives. I already Love Liskeard – have lived here for 11 years and have always liked and supported it. Now that I’ve found out about you I would like to be involved, particularly with the advertising of events as I had no idea that, for example, the cash thing was taking place. I look forward to meeting up with you and helping. Jan Hare

    • loveliskeard says:

      Thanks for the lovely message and your offer of help. We do our best to advertise what we’re doing (this was one of our first events) and the cash mob was on BBC Radio Cornwall, in the press, and on our various sites. The Liskerrett Centre also sent it round their mailing list and we did rely on people telling friends, family and work colleagues. It was deliberately last minute (which is one of the principles of flash mobbing, which cash mobbing is based on). We’re currently working on the structure of meetings to ensure people know about them and feel able to take part and contribute. We will be at the town forum meeting on the 18th if you’re interested? Allison

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