Cash mob Liskeard

You’ve heard of flash mobbing? Welcome to cash mobbing… this Saturday (31st) at the Fountain in Liskeard – 10am – we’re inviting people to turn up with £10. You then have an hour to spend that £10 in a local shop. After which, we’ll all meet up again and the Love Liskeard team will itemise what you can buy in Liskeard on our website! (Proving that there’s not much you can’t buy considering we have a…

Hardware store
Fashion shops
Bike shop
Discount store
Wool shop
Craft store
Art and gifts
Card shop
Shoe shop… well, you get the idea!)

So, wear something red and meet at the Fountain. Let’s prove we shop local and we support our local traders!

Please tell friends, family and colleagues. The more people the better.


PS. Everytime you shop in that hour, you need to hand the shopkeeper a “you’ve been cash mobbed” card (provided)!

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7 Responses to Cash mob Liskeard

  1. Fabulous idea, can’t wait!

  2. Choclette says:

    Will join in, but no longer know what to shop for as my two go to shops have just closed down. Have no idea what to do now for raw milk, local flour, local cheese, good quality eggs and organic groceries. No longer sure I’ll find anything to spend my £10 on! Feels very hard to love Liskeard sometimes.

    • loveliskeard says:

      It’s sad – not to mention inconvenient – when the shops we rely on close. We used to shop in TC and our visitors always liked to pop in, too (especially my in-laws!) But I really hope and believe that Love Liskeard is the first step in, an admittedly long, journey which helps make sure this happens less and less, and in fact, people see this as town they want to invest in and we start to get some diverse shops again…Thanks for still coming!

    • Mick Ruhland says:

      Lovely fresh free range eggs on the cattle market Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays, and plants, seeds, and flowers.

  3. Mary Westlake says:

    Give it a go! You might even find it a pleasure adn repeat the experience! Pugwash

  4. Dawn Hawken says:

    I love my local pet shop because when I went in to buy a fish breeding net for my baby tropical fish that had just been born, the staff lent me there own one while they ordered one in for me 🙂 very happy customer and happy baby fish as he wasn’t eatern by the other big fish

    • loveliskeard says:

      What a lovely message! I’m delighted the baby fish wasn’t eaten and this is a good example of the kind of service you get in our local shops!

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