A few stats…

Thought you might like to know some statistics about what we’ve achieved so far in terms of our online presence: we currently have 64 likes on Facebook, and 91 followers on Twitter (and have been tweeted by Mary Portas herself, and re-tweeted by comedian, Milton Jones). And this is climbing daily – and you can help with that if you haven’t already. Follow, retweet, like, share!

Since the 2nd March (until time of writing) we’ve had 2755 hits on our website and have written 22 posts. The website is also now being picked up by Google… not bad for 24 days, eh?

The best way to communicate with different people is to use different methods of communication. We’ve never just relied on our website and social media, we’ve embraced it as another format for people who might not read local papers, or don’t wish to attend meetings.

We’re pretty proud of what we have managed to do online, and this is set to only get better!


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2 Responses to A few stats…

  1. Andy Harwood says:

    Yep, good effort and it is really important to get friends on Facebook and Twitter like/follow us as well as coming onto this blog.

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