Lorraine Candy backs Liskeard!

Editor in Chief of British Elle, the worlds largest selling fashion magazine, Lorraine Candy is a former editor of Cosmopolitan and Features Editor at The Times newspaper. She’s worked across the industry from The Sun to Marie Claire and now also has a weekly column in The Daily Mail on Thursday, and a blog on elleuk.com.

Lorraine grew up in Cornwall and still has a house here. She and her husband married in Trebetherick 11 years ago.

“My first job at the age of 15 was as an intern on The Cornish Times in Liskeard, where I went to the local comprehensive. It was my grass roots training in this community that helped me achieve my dream the following year of moving to London to work on The Wimbledon News. Everyone in the community was incredibly supportive of such a young and ambitious journalist and my first byline was covering St Matthew’s Fair. I was given a chance in Liskeard that not many would-be editors would get and I am where I am because of that, which is why I support this campaign.”

Another fabulous endorsement for our town. Hard not to feel very proud right now!


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One Response to Lorraine Candy backs Liskeard!

  1. Andy Harwood says:

    Fantastic – great support from Lorraine! The team are really working hard to put together the submission. I’m sure that her support as well as that of other well known people will help to get us noticed and lift our words off the page by giving a wider context for the assessors who may know little about our town.

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