Richard Madeley backs Liskeard!

When you try and do some good, good things invariably happen, and late this evening, we received this lovely letter from Richard Madeley, proud resident of south east Cornwall.

Richard, from all the team, a huge and heartfelt thank you.

I have lived all over the country – born and bred in Essex and London; moved north at twenty to Carlisle and the Scottish Borders; down to Leeds and across to Manchester before, at forty, pinging back to the capital. I have experienced daily life embedded in very different, and wonderful, communities.

But my heart – and that of my wife – lies in Cornwall.

Cornwall either calls to you, or it doesn’t. We spend many months of the year in a tiny hamlet on the coast between Looe and Polperro. But a merely romantic notion of place is not enough: one needs solidity, practicability, and modernity.

Liskeard, which we discovered when we came to Cornwall in 1998, is a wonderful, thriving social and economic community and we have come to love it and to depend on it.

Liskeard is of course an important railway halt on the main London-Penzance line; it lies on one of the best trunk roads connecting east and west Cornwall. It matters.

But the town has a wonderful sense of self and its duty to serve the surrounding Cornish community, too. Most importantly, yet hard to describe or precisely define, it has a living, beating heart. It is connected to itself, in the sense that it works competently as a whole. I could write hundreds of words explaining why, but all you have to do is spend a day in Liskeard. You’ll see. You’ll ‘get it’.

Over the years we have watched Liskeard, with its limited resources, constantly striving to update itself and remain relevant. In fact I think the town has earned the motto: ‘Always Trying To Be Better’.

The people of Liskeard deserve all the help they can get to improve and rejuvenate all that they have already accomplished. I commend their town bid, and am not at all surprised that they have swiftly organised themselves to take advantage of a sudden opportunity.

Liskeard is a proud, warm, and aspiring Cornish town. I love it, and admire it. Its people deserve encouragement and assistance and the Portas Review is a terrific way to meet their honest desire to renew and rejuvenate the community.

Written with a full heart.

Richard Madeley, March, 2012.

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4 Responses to Richard Madeley backs Liskeard!

  1. Jimmy appudurai-chua says:

    Richard, a support from you a worth a thousand of us..well done..I have moved from liskeard to Torpoint, but still go there every week, as my ex wife lives there and we are the best of friends..Liskeard has its magical quirks…we lost loads of business there and shops after shops are closing…..they have to sort out the parking charges, before everyone stays away,,the Morrisons store, which I was working there in the night shift is one of the biggest emplyer, and is has alsotaken a lot of business from the small shops..but the more important thing are the kids..they have nowhere to they go to Plymouth and other parts of Cornwall, even to Looe and your Polperro..things seem to be improving..but the town council can do more..keep well and thank you for your sincere letter jimmy ( now living in Torpoint)

    • loveliskeard says:

      What a lovely response Jimmy, and so glad you’re still a regular visitor. However, Richard seems a very down to earth sort and might disagree with your, support from him is worth a thousand of us comment! Without doubt though, his fantastic support has given us a massive boost and that he took the time to do it, does make him one in a million 🙂 Take care Jimmy, and thanks again.

  2. Andy Harwood says:

    Yet more support – raising the profile of the town. Win or lose the bid, this will help local businesses.

    • loveliskeard says:

      I think it’s fair to say, we’ve reached a tipping point. Too much good has come from this process to stop now (not that we were planning too!) But energy and commitment can move mountains!

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