What next?

The synopsis is in! We met our first deadline thanks to some hard work, perseverance, and late nights! So what are the next steps? Well, today we had a meeting about the film we’re shooting for the bid, and we’re all very excited. Then there’s more consultation with local traders tomorrow and Wednesday, and then we start on the application.
But we wanted to explain why as yet, we can’t reveal too much about the details…

This is a competition and a lot of great towns are putting in great bids (we’re 1 of potentially 300!) so until we submit our full and final application, we have to be a bit discrete about how much we put online. The whole consultation process has been completely open and collaborative, but from this point on we need to keep the good ideas under our hats. But fear not, we’re wearing fabulous hats!

In the meantime, we’re on the lookout for the great and the good connected to Liskeard to provide quotes about why you’re backing our Portas Bid. Prominent business people, sports stars, authors, chefs, artists etc., if you agree with putting Liskeard first for once, and would be happy to provide a quote (a photo would be nice as well!) please contact by email: Liskeard_Town_Team@hotmail.co.uk. It will only take a small amount of time, but could make a very big difference.

Thanks, Allison

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