So MANY ideas

A team of people who are rapidly becoming strangers to their family members, are sorting through all the ideas that you have sent in. Not everything can make it into this one application.

Some things are important for Liskeard to consider in the medium & long term future, but fit into categories that we have been told are not what is needed for this competition. For example, many feel a town manager would be of benefit but we have been told there is not an expectation of a salaried post featuring in the winning application.

Some things would be great to see happen in Liskeard, but are TOO big and would involve magic powers on top of £100K.

Some things must be picked up after this competition is over because if we want to do them there’s nothing stopping us. But for this, they are just not big ENOUGH.

Some things would be new for Liskeard but are already happening in other places. The 12 towns picked will need to be offering ideas that stand out on a national stage.

There WILL be an idea that is just right.


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