Shop success…

Wow, what a busy couple of days! Firstly a big thank you to everyone that came to our Love Liskeard ‘pop-up shop’ on Fore Street yesterday and today. From people that just wanted a leaflet, people who stayed chatting, and the traders who popped in to wish us luck and say they were pleased to see us. Every visit put a smile on our faces! But more importantly, we’ve had an opportunity to hear from people who couldn’t make the Town Forum meeting last Wednesday, as well as those that had wanted to go away and think about suggestions and solutions to make the most of our town.

Once again we were delighted about how positive people generally are about Liskeard. People know the challenges we’ve faced – and continue to face – but were more interested in how things can change for the better, and what the future will be. While at the same time wanting to be involved in shaping that future.

Right now, our immediate future is lots more hard work to make the first deadline (18th March) to submit our synopsis to Cornwall Council!

Please carry on emailing us though, as so many of you have already done, and remember that this is an ongoing process. If you have something to say, we still want to hear it!


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2 Responses to Shop success…

  1. Mick Ruhland says:

    There are loads of positive things going on, not always widely noticed, or trumpeted. Maybe this initiative will encourage us all to comunicate and co-operate more effectively.For example, Liskeard is one step away from being an official Fairtrade Town, the groundwork has been done. If Callington and St. Austell can do it we can to

    • loveliskeard says:

      Hi Mick, thanks for message. Totally agree with your comments, one of the important things to already come out of this, is the commitment to work together better – and to communicate the good work that’s already being done. Would be fantastic to be a Fairtrade town! Allison

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